Heavy Duty Racking

heavy duty racking system is designed for the storage of a wide variety of products ranging from medium to heavy in weight. It is ideal for busy warehouses and storage facilities since it promotes easy deposit and retrieval of items on the shelves all over the facility. 

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Industries that use heavy duty racking systems

These have a wide application across different sectors of the economy. Manufacturers of such items as boats and vehicles can use the system for storage in their warehouses. Scrap metal collectors, recyclers and resellers may also use these for storage of different types of scrap metals. Manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery use the system for storage purposes.

The use of the system is not a preserve of manufacturers only as those who are in the retail sector can also do so. Retailers of vehicles, auto spare parts, heavy machinery and boats can get customised racking systems for their storage facilities. Suppliers of raw materials to different industries could also use the systems.


In any warehouse, one of the greatest concerns is the safety of employees as well as products. The racking system is stable and durable which minimises the risk of toppling when loaded. They are also user friendly and therefore eliminate the risk of injuries among employees. Note that the organization must ensure that there are adequate safety measures to protect their employees.

Great use of space

The multi-level heavy duty racking system enhances optimum utilization of storage space in any warehouse. The system utilizes both horizontal and vertical space and is customisable. This ensures that all utilizable space is used despite the shape of the warehouse. In essence, it increases the amount of goods storable in any space.

Easy to assemble, relocate

The racking system is easy to assemble and it is also very easy to dismantle. This makes it easier to relocate it or even put it up in storage when not in use.

Adjustable shelves

The shelves can be adjusted when the need to store smaller or larger items arises. This means that the organisation need not invest in shelves with different spacing in between the shelves. As the organisational needs change, the shelves can be adjusted to service these needs.

variety of shelf decking

Whether you are looking for a system made from stainless steel, meshed steel, wood or any other material,, it is available. Remember that it can also be specifically designed and customised to your needs upon request. This makes the rack storage system ideal for storage of any type of goods irrespective of their size, shape and other configurations.

Durable and weather resistant storage

The weight of the products being stored is usually medium to high which promotes high rate of wear and tear. In addition to this, weather elements accelerate the rate of wear and tear of different things. For example, water or moisture in combination with the oxygen in the air accelerates the rate at which the structure rusts. In order to ensure that the shelves are durable, it is essential for them to be weather resistant.

Heavy duty racks can be used in a wide variety of industries to store a wide variety of goods. If you are looking for an efficient, durable, adjustable system that is easy to use, then you should try the heavy duty racks.